From B.L., September 1, 2010:

“I just had my first visit with Dr. Lum, and so help me that was the best vet experience I have ever had! He was super sweet to my chihuahua and kitten, gave them treats, laughed at their antics, and let them crawl into his MD bags.

He explained everything thoroughly, gave the pros and cons on medications and let me make the decisions, and didn’t push me into anything. He also managed to give my dog 3 shots, a vaccine in the nose, AND take blood and she was still wagging her tail when he was done. Amazing!

Price wise, he was surprisingly affordable. I’ve brought pets into vet clinics and been charged almost as much for one animal examination and no medication. He examined two animals, did a stool culture, a blood test, and 5 meds.

I would recommend him to anyone who cares enough about their pet to keep them healthy, safe, and unstressed. I’ll never use another vet again! Thank you Dr. Lum!! .”

From C.H., December 9, 2009:

“I found San Francisco Veterinary Housecalls on our building website. Having a top-notch professional like Dr. Lum come to our home to treat our American Bulldog and rescued feral cat is so amazing to me. Dr. Lum spent a great deal of time with each pet checking their present health, learning about their past care, planning future health preventatives, and recording it all. He gave us contacts for other services we might need. I was very impressed with his patience in explaining everything to me. Prior to the appointment, Dr. Lum gathered information to know what to bring with him. Our pets received booster vaccines, antibiotics, and a supply of flea treatment without having to leave our apartment or order on-line. He has made two phone calls since our appointment to follow-up on the health issues of our cat. I found the rates of SFVH to be very reasonable. I am so happy that we have Dr. Lum caring for our pet family.”

From L.S., January 31, 2012:

Thank you Dr. Lum!
Cannot express enough how much a gift your understanding, efforts and intellect are in this phase of my Oreo evolution. You are such a perfect fit for our needs at this point ( I truly appreciate your knowing where my unspoken boundaries are) and also must say you are just a joy to to be able trust.

From R.A-C., January 27, 2010:

How can I aptly express our gratitude to you, Dr. Lum!? I hope you never doubt your ability to give comfort and consolation to a family in need of it. The music was great, explanation of process excellent, bed side manner superb. We know Shadow is in a much better place. You helped a sorrowful time become a very powerful transforming moment in 8 year old Carmen’s life!!! Many Thanks!

From CatFolksSF, September 17, 2008:

“Dr. Lum is a terrific vet… took more time and care, and was more up-to-date on recent developments and research on kitty illnesses and treatments. Having him come to our home was a great convenience… it saved us a 100-mile round trip to our former South Bay vet and a lot of stress on our 3 kitties. Very highly recommended.”

From P.H., June 13, 2009:

“Calvin Lum of SF Veterinary Housecalls is a godsend to those who have pets that cannot stand being boxed and dragged to the vet, especially when they don’t feel well. Dr. Lum comes with all his equipment and laptop, so there is very little that he cannot do. He is extremely empathetic and I cannot emphasize this enough, it is wonderful for both you and your pet not to have to go through the trials of dragging your friend out to the vet.”

From J.C., May 12, 2009:

“All I can say is, I wish I had met Dr. Lum sooner. First off I have a large Akita that is blind, impossible to lift, and hates going to the vets office. His vision problems have required a specialist for years, but I never had a regular vet for him. Being that a visit to anywhere is difficult with my dog, I was ecstatic to be referred to Dr. Lum whom does house calls.

He returned my call immediately and I made an appointment. He spent a lot of time on the phone with me asking about my dogs health and requested that all previous records be faxed to him. I already knew I would like him as I could tell he cared. I am a loyal dog owner who has spent thousands of dollars on my dog over the years due to a serious autoimmune disease he has. Dr. Lum arrived on the day of the appointment with laptop, printer, and web cam in hand. He was kind, compassionate, and spent almost two hours at our house examining and getting to know our dog. It was so easy and I was surprised that the appointment cost less than I had expected.

I found Dr. Lum to be prompt, educated, organized and great communicator. Our Akita was very comfortable in his able hands and my only complaint was that I hadn’t used him before.”

From M.M., February 23, 2009:

“I found Dr. Lum through a link on an animal cremation site I visited after my elderly dog had a medical emergency. I called him, crying, to ask about home euthanization and he explained the process in a sensitive and calming way. My dog bounced back for a month, but when the time came, I called Dr. Lum and he fit us into his schedule immediately. He was incredibly professional, but also compassionate and understanding. I couldn’t have asked for better treatment for my dog or myself as we went through the process of saying goodbye. He even followed up to let me know I had done the right thing by letting my girl go when she was ready. If you must put a companion animal to sleep, I highly recommend doing it at home, where the process can be peaceful and personal. Dr. Lum compassionately facilitated the experience and I’m so grateful for his housecall service.

From L.B., August 19, 2014:

Treat yourself and your furry companion to a housecall. What a wonderful experience to stay home with your beloved, be present for her entire exam and treatment, and have a relaxed conversation with a very knowledgeable vet. I work long hours. I dislike vet offices more than my pooch. We have tried two other house calling vets and were not so thrilled with either. Doctor Lum was great with us. He and my dog bonded. Dr Lum clearly understands and enjoys pets and people. He articulated what he was doing throughout our well pet check up. He examined in a non intrusive way. He was thoughtful of my pet’s comfort. He was thoughtful in his manner with me. He competently examined and advised. He arrived within the 30 minutes of his appointment time, which he had stated on the phone when I scheduled the appointment. I think it much better to wait a few minutes at home than in a vet office for sure. Also, given what he is doing for people, its nice for everyone to relax a little about the time. More important is the experience you have when you are together. This was our first visit, and we will call again.

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