Our services are ideal for:

  • Those who want more personalized care
  • Those households with pets that become anxious leaving the house
  • Those who have schedule challenges otherwise
  • Homes with multiple pets [whereby there would be only ONE housecall charge]
  • Households with children, so that they too can be involved with the care of the pets
  • Owners who may or may not have transportation and/or want to put those costs towards a housecall visit for their pet, in the comfort and convenience of their own home

We offer:

  • Annual and semi-annual exams/consultations**
  • Illness and wellness exams/consultations
  • Senior exams
  • Puppy and kitten exams
  • Vaccinations
  • Home hospice care
  • At home euthanasia*** , with aftercare of the body, of various cremation options, etc. [ Animal Memorial Service ]
  • Health Certificates
    • [Domestic only; No International ones unless you have a relocation Service help you, ie: www.PetRelocation.com]
  • Blood health tests and screening tests
  • Fecal exams, Heartworm tests, etc.
  • Blood pressure tests
  • Dental exams, and then referrals
  • Microchipping of dogs and cats, with The HomeAgain pet recovery and identification system.
  • A full and complete veterinary pharmacy home delivery service with VetCentric.
  • Access to veterinary prescription diets
  • Ready access to a 24 hour local Referral Hospital and Critical Care Facility with hospitalization, surgery- routine and specialized, dentistry, eastern and alternative medicine, and other veterinary specialists and the diagnostic tools of one of the Bay Area’s Premier Specialty Practices.
  • And much more; feel free to contact us if you have more inquiries.

Pet Insurance Accepted.

SFVH is available to serve clients in San Francisco; but depending on availability, can make special arrangements**** outside of The City…

* Any surgical procedures requiring anesthesia will be referred; as well as any cases that need hospitalization.

**Annual exams are recommended for all pets; as they mature past 7 years of age, they are considered senior pets and
Semi-Annual exams are then recommended.

***Our euthanasia services can include aftercare of the body, with options to work with your regular veterinarian, to make
your own arrangements; or we can assist you with the care of the remains, working with our Animal Memorial Service.

**** An additional travel fee will apply, depending on the distance