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Concerning year of 2020 announcements:
Dr. Lum is back! with SF VetHousecalls 2.0 !!,
post the unfortunate, abrupt closure of Vetted PetCare on 2.25.20, where he merged and dedicated his baby of 11 years, SF Veterinary Housecalls back in May 2019, to and he has completed his Covid-19 vaccination series, but still requires masking for now, till further notice.
Now, given the ongoing Covid-19 Shelter in Place important restrictions, the housecalls to be seen, will be limited in type, but will also include important housecall euthanasia appointments; but with the typical Covid-19 precautions.
To help assist in the care of your pets, a new Telehealth option is available here; please see above. Or if you would like to schedule or inquire about a housecall appointment, please click on the Appointments Tab. or Buttons, and fill out the form as detailed as possible.
Given these Covid-19 times, most of the discussion of your pet’s health will be on the phone first, prior to the actual housecall.
Stay Healthy and Safe!

Exclusive veterinary home care for cats and dogs, from nest to rest. Providing personalized and compassionate medical care and consultations for your loved ones, in the comfort, convenience, and stress-free environment of your own home.

When you are looking for a Veterinary Housecall service, you should be able to count on superior care and excellent, personalized service! Here as SF Veterinary Housecalls, [SFVH], in San Francisco, CA, we pride ourselves to bring you the best possible health care and personalized, individualized service, for you and your canine and feline companion animals. Dr. Calvin G. Lum answers ALL calls and emails personally; so all you inquiries are handled by the Doctor himself! As a family practice with Dr. Lum, you will always have the same Doctor throughout the life of your pet; not different doctors, on different days, or different months… This is truly a family practice, not a “corporate type” or “fast food type” of housecall practice. Our housecall service is ideal for households where your pets become anxious leaving the home; if you have multiple pets; don’t have available transportation; work from home, and/or multitasking while at home/ office/ work/ boarding facility or elsewhere; Or a more private, peaceful, comfortable, at home euthanasia… boutique Veterinary Housecall services….Please see our ‘Services’ page for all the other services that SFVetHousecalls has to offer. Our ‘Resources’ page offers links to many other pet and veterinary related services in our local community- such as veterinary emergency hospitals, pet sitters, dog walkers, pet classes, grooming, boarding, pet artists, pet stores, and much more. Check out the ‘Blog’ tab where articles of interest to the San Franciscan pet owner will be available. And please check out the ‘Testimonial’ under that tab, and on Yelp.Don’t fret trying to organize a trip to the vet’s office, have the vet come to you, via his mobile veterinary housecall practice.Dr. Calvin G. Lum DVM, has over a third of a century of experience in small animal practice, as a U.C. Davis grad from the Class of 1987, School of Veterinary Medicine. He has come full circle, being born and raised in SF, and now offering his veterinary housecall services to its diverse inhabitants and community of his hometown. He has and continues to fullfill his dream of a caretaker for those who cannot speak for themselves, and a teacher to their guardians, helping clients to maintain, promote, fulfill, enjoy and love their human-animal bonds.
Dr. Calvin G. Lum SFVH by Vetted PetCare Mailing address only: 1819 Polk St. #377, San Francisco, CA 94109 415-931-7384 (SFVH) email:

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